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Remember that several AWS certifications are available depending on your experience with AWS and where you are in your Solutions Architect career. Finally, one of the best things you can do to successfully negotiate your Solutions Architect salary is by receiving other competing job offers. Don’t expect salary negotiations to only happen at the end of the interview process. Also, be sure to watch the simulation of a tech salary negotiation above to see some of these tips in practice. Of course, the cost of living is different everywhere you go.

Solution Architect salary

Medium-sized companies in industries such as media, medical, tech, retail, and manufacturing also leverage the functionalities of AWS. They use AWS to host their services, for big data management, and to predict user behavior. Design and develop technical solutions based on existing technologies.

Gender Breakdown for Solutions Architects

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While an entry-level professional can expect to earn a yearly salary of $74,309 on average, the average salary of an expert, who has over 20 years of experience in the field, is $135,869. Employers value specialists who have a background in software development, network administration, DevOps, cloud development and/or data security. Expertise in a particular domain such as finance, telecommunication, healthcare or travel can also help professionals in this field to achieve a higher salary. This is based on data from 472 TurboTax users who reported their occupation as Solution Architect and includes taxable wages, tips, bonuses, and more. can vary between $66,500 to $322,000 depending on factors including education, skills, experience, employer & location.

ServiceNow Solution Architect

What is the salary range and bonus for solution architect at Salesforce Industries? I’m invited to interview for a Cloud Solution Architect position at Microsoft. A project involves various constraints like technologies, resources, risks, time, cost, scope, quality, and security. A solution architect needs to look at these constraints and closely monitor them to make managerial decisions. Solutions Architects come from diverse backgrounds, like software development, DevOps, project management, business analysis and any other tech-related fields.

  • An AWS Solution Architect is a person holding the AWS Solution Architect Certification.
  • Exceptions do exist, but generally speaking, the situation of any company is closely related to the economic situation in the country or region.
  • First, we will see the Roles and Responsibilities of the Solution Architect, and second, the primary processes on which Solution Architect focuses.
  • Solution architects earn 8% more than similar careers in the United States.
  • The average AWS Senior Solutions Architect salary is $276,000 per year.

I am getting promotion to Manager with limited raise this year. I know that their post MBA salary is pretty high already but also told it will be equalized at M level. In addition to technical knowledge, to succeed as a Solutions Architect an individual must have a particular set of soft skills. The most important qualities are effective communication, analytical thinking, problem-solving and leadership skills. ITIL certificate confirms that an individual has expertise and experience in creating and delivering IT products and services within the ITIL framework.

Most Frequently Asked Terraform Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

Read The Ultimate Guide to Salary Negotiation at FAANG for Software Engineers to hone your negotiation skills and get an offer that matches your value. Developing a deep understanding and expertise of AWS technologies. Project planning, execution, technical engagement, and outcomes. When no one shares their salary, employers have the upper hand. Compare salaries for individual cities or states with the national average. Watch out this video to know more about the roles and responsibilities of an AWS Solution Architect and how to become one.

Solution Architect salary

The average total salary for a Solution Architect is $152,500 per year. As with all certifications, AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training is significant and essential only when you can demonstrate your practical skills. Apart from certificates, during your interviews, you need to show that you know how to work within AWS and understand its application within companies.

Average Salary of Solutions Architects by Location

The average salary for a solution architect in the United States is around $99,769 per year. Many tech jobs, especially at bigger companies, will almost always involve some other form of compensation other than the base salary. When hiring AWS Solutions Architects, tech companies prefer candidates with considerable IT and Solutions Architecture experience. AWS Solutions Architects’ salaries depend on their job levels within a company.

In the USA, AWS solutions architect certification is reported to be the highest-earning certification, at an average annual salary of $118,266. India – An entry-level AWS Solution Architect will grab around ₹644,000 per annum. Upgrading skills and reaching a mid-level career will get an average solutions architect vs product manager salary of around ₹13,86,744 per annum. A full-grown experienced solution architect earns more than ₹24,67,543. Solutions Architects play a crucial role in complex projects, as well-thought architectures help to reduce costs and can positively impact the quality of a final product.

Sr. Financials Solution Consultant (Presales) – Communications, Technology & Media

Hourly rates for solutions architects in the US typically range between $41 and $74 an hour. The average salary of an AWS Solutions Architect, the most prevalent AWS certification, earns an average salary of $159,033 in the United States in 2022. Professionals in the cloud IT industry have become increasingly interested in achieving an AWS certification. We are seeking a very experienced Technical Software Architect to work with our Medidata AI teams and..

Solution Architect salary

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